Manual transmission tools,transmission tool
Brandnew transmission tools,nut wrenches for dodge nv4500 5 speed,Chevy nv4500,M5r1 M5r2 5spd,
Mitsubishi fm 145 and fm146 nut wrench, Muncie 4 speed ball installer tool, Muncie shift arm tester tool.

All of our tools are made proudly in the USA,   All nut wrenches are 1/4" thick and made from super tough
T1 hardened and tempered steel !!!     These wrenches are made to pound on, they will install and uninstall
the nut.

You will not find a tougher tool at these prices any where!!!!

To order call 1 800 405 4226  !!!!!!!!!

Nut wrench Dodge NV4500,   Part #  NWD4500    $28.50

Nut wrench Chevy NV4500, Part #  NWC4500   $28.50

Nut wrench Ford M5R1 and M5R2 SAME WRENCH,  Part # NWm5r1  $28.50

Nut wrench fm145 and fm146 same wrench  Part # NWFM145    $24.75

Muncie 4 speed reverse ball installer tool,  Part # MBI    $15.00
Muncie 4 speed ball installer

Muncie 4 speed shift arm tester,  Part # SAT   $15.00
Muncie 4 speed shift arm tester

Muncie 4 speed nut wrench 297-W
Our new Muncie nut wrench  $28.50

We will continue to make more high quality transmission tools
if you have an idea on a tool that may be useful in transmission
repair feel free to call or email with your ideas!!!!!

1 800 405 4226   or email us at