Rebuilt manual transmissions
Here you will find many of our more popular rebuilt manual transmissions
however if you dont see what you need please pick up the phone and
give us a call toll free at  1 800 405 4226!!! scroll down to find your unit
Shipping on most units up to 100 lbs will go UPS ground will run from
60.00 TO 85.00 48 STATES

Chevy truck units                         WE SHIP UPS NATIONWIDE AND WORLDWIDE!!!!
We have been building manual transmissions for 28 years!!!
So when quality counts call us we have the answers to your questions!!

1 Year warranty on all rebuilt units!!!!!!!!!

NV4500 Dodge 5 speed transmission  Chevy 5 speed Getrag transmission

Chev NV4500 4wd 5spd  1350.00 exch
Chev Getrag 4wd 5spd 88-up 1/2 ton 975.00 Exchange

Chevy Sm465 4 speed transmission  Borgwarner T5 5 speed Transmission
Chev SM465 2wd or 4wd 4spd 650.00 Exchange
83-91 Chev S10 4wd 5spd T5 695.00 Exchange
To order call toll free at 1 800 405 4226!!!
Ford truck units

ZF 5 speed transmission  Ford F150 M5R2 5 speed transmission
Ford 88-up ZF 4wd 5spd 1250.00Exchange
88-up Ford 1/2 ton M5R2 4wd 5spd 795.00 Exchange

Ford Ranger Explorer M5r1 5 speed transmission  Ford Ranger Bronco 11 5 speed transmission
88-up Ford Ranger/ Explorer/ Aerostar 2wd and 4wd M5R1 5spd 750.00 Exch
85-92 Mitsubishi FM145 and FM146 Ford ranger and Bronco II  4wd 5spd 650.00  Exchange
To order call toll free at 1 800 405 4226!!!

Ford NP435 4 speed truck transmission  83-87 Ford ranger toyokogyo 5 speed transmission
Ford truck 67-up NP435 4spd 2wd or 4wd 650.00 Exchange
83-87 Ford ranger / Bronco II toyokogyo 4wd 5spd  595.00 Exchange

84-87 Ford 3 speed /od 4 speed transmission  Ford srod 3 speed with od transmission
Ford RTS 3spd  with OD 84-87 used in ford pickups 2wd and 4wd 575.00 Exchange
Ford SROD 3spd with OD 78-83 used in pickups 2wd and 4wd 550.00 Exchange
To order call toll free at 1 800 405 4226!!!!!!!!


BA10 peugeot 5 speed 4wd transmission  Jeep AX5 4wd 5 speed transmission
BA10 peugeot 5spd 4wd jeep 1350.00 Exchange
Jeep AX5 4wd 5spd 785.00 Exchange

Jeep AX15 4wd 5 speed transmission  Jeep T150 3 speed transmission 74-79 CJ
Jeep AX15 4wd 5spd 850.00 Exchange
Jeep T150 3spd 74-79 CJ  650.00 Exchange

Toyota Units

Toyota W56 4wd 4cyl efi 5 speed transmission  Toyota G52 4wd 5 speed transmission
Toyota W56 4wd 4cyl EFI 5spd 86-up 750.00  Exchange
Toyota G52 4wd 4cyl carburated 5spd 84-88 725.00 Exchange

Toyota L52 4cyl 4wd 5 speed transmission  Toyota G52 4wd 5 speed transmission
Toyota L52 4cyl 4wd 5spd 81-83 750.00 Exchange
Toyota R151 V6 4wd 5spd 85-up 850.00 Exchange
To order call toll free at 1 800 405 4226!!!!

Nissan pickup

Nissan Hardbody 4cyl 4wd 5 speed transmission
Nissan 87-up Hardbody 4cl 4wd 5spd 750.00 Exchange

Dodge truck units

Dodge Getrag G360 4wd 5 speed transmission  NV4500 Dodge 5 speed transmission
Dodge Getrag G360 4wd 5spd 1450.00 Exchange
Dodge NV4500 4wd 5spd 1350.00 Exchange

NP535 Dodge dakota 4wd 5 speed transmission  Dodge D50 4wd 5 speed transmission
NP535 Dodge Dakota 4wd 5spd 1050.00 Exchange
Dodge D50 /Ram 50 / Montero 4cyl 4wd 5spd 695.00 Exchange

Chevy Car

Chevy T56 6 speed transmission camaro/firebird  Chevy/Ford T5 5 speed transmission
Chev T56 6spd 93-up camaro /firebird can be retro fit into early cars also  1350.00 Exchange
Chev Camaro T5 5spd 83-92 795.00 Exchange

Chevy Muncie 4 speed transmission  Chevy Saginaw 4 speed transmission
Chev Muncie M20, M21, M22 4spd look on our muncie page for more info on parts and prices!!!
Chev Saginaw 4spd fits many early gm cars, 495.00 Exchange

Ford cars

T5 5 speed transmission chevy/ford  Ford Mustang T45 5 speed transmission
Ford Mustang T5 5spd 83-95  795.00 Exchange
Ford Mustang T45 5spd 96-up 4.6L eng 825.00  Exchange

Ford srod 3 speed with od transmission  
Ford Mustang 79-83 srod 3spd / OD 495.00 Exchange
Ford castiron RUG 3spd/OD  550.00 Exchange

Again if you dont see what you need here please call us at 1 800 405 4226
we carry many more manual units including FWD, 4wd , rwd, foriegn and domestic